How to Manage a Needy Employee

  As a supervisor, you most likely wish you could give every one of the general population on your group more consideration. In any case, some of the time certain representatives appear to need more than what's coming to them of your time. Perhaps they over and again request that you survey their work, search … Continue reading How to Manage a Needy Employee


Intel issues veiled threat to Qualcomm’s plans to run Windows

Earlier this year, Qualcomm took a shot at Intel with the unveiling of its Snapdragon 835 chip, which the likes of HP, Asus, and Lenovo are already confirmed to be using in their production of Windows 10 PCs. Now, Intel has issued something of a response, stating an intention to “carefully protect” its innovations.

Apple vs. Qualcomm: Everything you need to know

We’ve updated this post to reflect reports that Apple may intentionally cap data transfer speeds on future iPhones powered by Qualcomm modems. Apple and Qualcomm are engaged in what will likely be a yearslong and epic battle. Following news that Qualcomm had been charging heightened royalties for use of its tech, as well as reports indicating Qualcomm required Apple to pay a percentage of the iPhone’s revenue in return for the use of Qualcomm patents, Apple has sued the company in three countries.

How to make ringtones for an Android phone

We’ve been making custom ringtones on our phones for years now, but with today’s smartphones, everything has gotten easier. Here, we’ll run you through the process of making a custom ringtone for your Android device using a multitude of methods, including RingDroid, GarageBand, and AVCWare Ringtone Maker. Setting your phone to play Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You every time your latest Tinder date calls has never been easier.

Sony A7R II Review

Sony outdoes itself again with the Alpha A7R II, this year's best camera ossibly the most discussed, written about, and argued-over camera in recent memory, the Sony A7R Mark II is causing quite a stir. Sony has been outdoing itself with every new variant of the A7-series, but with the A7R II, it’s gone beyond basic evolutionary upgrades. The mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is packed with cutting-edge parts, as well as a trick or two up its sleeve.

Everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall

Samsung will soon kill all remaining Galaxy Note 7s via forced software updates In January, after a months-long independent investigation involving three quality-control and supply-chain analysis firms, Samsung completed its investigation into the cause of the Galaxy Note 7’s battery fire — and revealed the ultimate causes of the billion-dollar fiasco. According to DJ Koh, the company’s … Continue reading Everything we know about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 recall


Apple’s next iPhone isn’t supposed to arrive until much later in 2017, but that hasn’t stopped legions of fans from fervently speculating about it. Things may be a little different this year, as it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Rumors suggest we may see three models — the iPhone 7S, the 7S Plus, and the iPhone X (iPhone 8). The latter is expected to be an expensive, technical showcase phone released as a celebratory model.

Samsung pays tribute to Nintendo with its Wiimote-like Gear VR Controller

The Gear VR with Controller ships for $130, stand-alone controller for $40 Samsung and Oculus's new Gear VR Controller makes navigating menus and controlling games much easier. Generally speaking, Samsung’s Gear VR is great in a pinch. It doesn’t deliver the visual fidelity of, say, Facebook’s Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive, but it’s significantly more portable. It also boasts a growing library of hundreds of games, apps, movies, and videos. The only problem? It doesn’t have a controller. Navigating around menus and games required finagling with a directional touchpad on the Gear VR’s side, which wasn’t exactly intuitive. But at Mobile World Congress on Sunday, Samsung unveiled a solution: The Gear VR Controller. Here’s everything you need to know.